Long Pond Cottage Treehouse

Ledyard, Connecticut, United States


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A place that feels like home

Escape to the tranquility of Long Pond Cottage, a charming retreat nestled miles away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The cottage boasts a picturesque setting, featuring a deck that offers breathtaking views of the serene water. Crystal-clear lake vistas fill the senses, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, your private patio allows you to admire the mesmerizing water mirror while enjoying the beauty of the mist and the refreshing lake breeze. For an elevated experience, there's a second-story deck where you can savor a delightful barbecue or immerse yourself in a good book amidst the peaceful embrace of nature.

Why we like it

In the nature

Furthermore, the cottage provides a cozy setting suitable for a family of six. Choose your preferred option from the two-bedroom cottages. Notably, the inviting living room extends to the second-story deck, offering a delightful and private view of the sunset for a romantic experience. Moreover, the location offers a variety of exciting activities, including canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or relaxing on the Finn-style raft.


What this place offers

Children Allowed


6 guests 2 beds 1 bathrooms
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