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Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada


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A place that feels like home

Crafted as a tribute to my cultural roots, Skoghus, meaning 'forest house' in Norwegian, is designed for the sole purpose of relaxation and fostering a deep connection with nature. Nestled in the heart of a Scottish Highland cattle farm, surrounded by sprawling pastures and dense forests, this treehouse offers a unique vantage point in all directions. From the vantage point of the yard, you have the opportunity to observe and interact with the farm's cattle as they graze nearby. Once inside, you can detach from the outside world and unwind amidst luxurious amenities. This dwelling stands as an entirely distinct experience, providing a truly special sensation of living harmoniously among the trees.

Why we like it

In the nature

Within the confines of the yard, ample room is available for engaging in activities such as bocce, gathering around campfires, luxuriating in the hot tub, or simply appreciating the surrounding landscape. This expansive area is enveloped by pasture, providing a serene vantage point to observe diverse animals and relish the absence of urban infrastructure. Adjacent to the fence lies a feeding station, where you can indulge the cows with grain and intimately connect with the amiable Highlanders that call this place home. These sociable and inquisitive creatures boast a myriad of positive qualities, and as they amble about, the melodic jingle of Ruth's bell will accompany their rounds.


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2 guests 1 beds 1 bathrooms
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