Treehouse-Eagles Perch

Port Angeles, Washington, United States


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A place that feels like home

Experience the breathtaking charm of a treehouse perched above the Strait of Juan De Fuca—an epitome of the North-West Washington allure. Crafted from cedar with rustic accents, this haven beckons you to immerse yourself in its unique ambiance. The interior boasts floor-to-ceiling windows offering a mesmerizing panorama of the strait, where a dynamic tapestry unfolds—cruise ships gliding, wildlife in motion, and majestic bald eagles gracefully soaring just beyond your window. Say goodbye to conventional entertainment; the ever-changing scenery outside provides a captivating spectacle. Don't let the sunset elude you; instead, savor the moment on the plush couch or private porch, enveloped in nature's embrace.

Why we like it

In the nature

Perched above the Strait of Juan De Fuca, this breathtaking treehouse offers an authentic North-West Washington retreat. Crafted from cedar and adorned with rustic details, the structure immerses you in a unique ambiance. Once inside, the expansive floor-to-ceiling window unveils a mesmerizing panorama of the strait, featuring a dynamic landscape of cruise ships, wildlife, and majestic bald eagles gracefully soaring in view. The ever-changing scenery captivates, rendering the need for a television obsolete. Despite being designed for two, the smaller space on this side of the treehouse feels anything but cramped, thanks to the immersive window that effortlessly expands the sense of space.


What this place offers

Pet friendly
Cleaning products
Essential items
Hair dryer
Hot water
Outdoor shower
Bed linen
Extra pillows and blankets


3 guests 1 beds 1 bathrooms
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